The Motto of Gelegele-gbene is Love, Unity and Progress


The shared vision of Gelegele people is to develop Gelegele community into a Super-Mega City that shall be the hub of Commerce and Tourism not only in Nigeria but in the entire African Continent at large.


The aim and objective of Gelegele-gbene Community is as follows;

  1. To foster closer relationship and to provide the welfare amongst Gelegele-gbene indigenes at home and abroad.
  2. To help solve in any way within the capacity of the Community, the Social, Economic and Political problems of the Izon people.
  3. To Educate and enlighten the people of Gelegele Community in any matters affecting them through Lectures, Symposia, Meetings etc.
  4. To promote the Izon culture and to encourage the advancement of education of the Izon people.
  5. To promote unity amongst the Izons in particular and Nigerians in General.
  6. To work together with any other body that has similar objectives if and when necessary.